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As a local roofing contractor, Golden Tree Roofing specializes in GAF asphalt roofing systems and TPO flat roofs. We take pride in our workmanship and high-quality materials, which are an essential part of being the premier roofer in Alexandria, VA and surround areas.

Our services catalog includes roofing installation, repairs, replacements, and roof foam coating for commercial and residential projects.

We stand out from other roofing contractors not only for our superior quality but also for our commitment to providing modern roof systems. We all know that your roof is the first level of protection for your construction, but with modern technology, we can transform it into a smart roof, which offers more benefits and makes your investment worthwhile.



Asphalt roofing systems are not only extremely durable, but they also available in a wide range of colors and textures. Here are a few more advantages of choosing GAF asphalt shingles:

  • easier to install
  • reduces energy consumption
  • friendly to the environment

Create your own roof today to see which shingle type is ideal for your home's roof!



Thermoplastic Polyolefin (TPO) roofing is a relatively new roofing concept. It is, however, gaining favor among homeowners seeking a low-cost but reliable solution.

  • affordable
  • easy to maintain
  • corrosion-resistant
  • massive potential for energy savings



While Golden Tree Roofing Company is based in Alexandria, Virginia, we do cater to the greater part of Northern Virginia including Arlington, Fairfax, Annandale, Falls Church, Springfield as well as Washington, DC.

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How To Know If It Is Time To Replace Your Roof?

You need to seriously consider replacing your roof if you notice any of the following signs:

  • The first sign of a failing roof is cracked or curled shingles.
  • For homeowners who have lived in their homes for over a decade.
  • The roof is losing its shingles consistently, and it is difficult to replace it.
  • When you notice holes on your roof, it's probably time to replace it.
  • If you have noticed any darker, streaky lines or patches of green on your roof.
  • The amount of energy you use is higher than you expect.

Contact us today to set a consultation if you have seen any of those signs. We have the right roof replacement option for you, we are the best roofer in Virginia

You Can Extend The Life Of Your Roof By Following This Plan

You don't want to take any risks when it comes to the roof of your house. It is important to be mindful of ways to increase the life span of your roof system. Fortunately, following these tips can help you increase the life span of your roof.

Make sure you inspect your roof at least once a year.

  • Maintain a regular gutter cleaning schedule.
  • Getting trees trimmed.
  • Providing prompt repair services.
  • Mildew and mold must be removed.
  • Leaks need to be patched, especially in metal roofs.
  • Taking care of snow and ice.
  • Insulate your home properly.
  • Make sure your attic is properly ventilated.
  • Hiring a licensed and experienced professional roofer.

Golden Tree Roofing experts are ready to assist if you have questions or concerns about your roof, so do not hesitate to get in touch with us, we are your trustable company!

Benefits From Phone Consultation

It is important to understand that getting a new roof, repairing, or replacing an old roof is more complicated than it appears. Regardless of how many construction projects you've completed.

As we know your time is valuable, we don't want to waste either of ours if we don't fit your project. Most roofing contractors visit your home and then say they can't handle it. You may also be given a price that is not in line with your budget or maybe you never receive a proposal for a variety of reasons.

In order to avoid wasting everyone's time, we offer a free phone consultation.

Rather than filling out a form, hoping to get a call in the next few days, only to miss that call and then start playing phone tag, you can schedule a call right from our website.



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