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Golden Tree Roofing offers a wide range of roofing services, but to truly know us you need to understand our relationship with our clients. Our mission is to provide our clients with the best contracting experience possible. No other roofers in Virginia can compare to our dedication and work ethic.


Smart Roof Solutions

Whether it's installation, replacement, repair, or spray foam coatings, we get to the bottom of your roof challenges with the perfect solution. Choosing the right roof system solution for your home will become clear after the first consultation you have with our highly trained and accredited inspectors. Getting competitive pricing is also a benefit when you partner with us as your trusted residential and commercial roofing partner.


GAF Shingles: Green Roofing Solutions

We offer a variety of environmentally friendly solutions made by GAF, a worldwide leader in the field of environmentally friendly solutions. We offer both residential and commercial properties a wide range of roofing options, including products that use recycled materials, reflective or "cool" roofs, and re-covered roofs to reduce the amount of trash entering landfills.

Bulleted list:

  • They possess the highest fire rating possible and can withstand rainstorms, strong winds, and heavy hail.
  • Prices for all families and homes.
  • A strong warranty backs up the shingles from GAF.


TPO FLAT ROOF: The Smart Roof Choice

TPO is a single-ply roofing membrane used for residential and commercial roofing. Initially, it was introduced as a more efficient and eco-friendly alternative to PVC roofing material. Despite being very thin and light in weight, TPO is incredibly durable and flexible, allowing it to adapt to varying climate conditions. It can reflect heat waves, making it energy efficient.

Bulleted list:

  • You will save a lot on installation costs by using TPO.
  • TPO is UV-resistant. Reflective white surfaces make TPO more energy efficient.
  • Materials used in TPO are environmentally friendly.



It's a privilege for us to serve Annadale, VA, and the Northern Virginia area with the highest quality standards. Our satisfaction is to be recognized as the leading roofer in Annadale.

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High-quality Roofing Services for Your Home

Investing in a home is one of the most valuable decisions you'll ever make. The longevity of your construction depends on protecting and increasing the value of that investment. It is essential to protect your house and yourself from the elements by having a roof. Without one, your build and yourself are completely exposed to the elements and Mother Nature.

It's just as dangerous to have a faulty roof as not having one at all if the elements can penetrate a home's interior. You may also be at risk of fire when your home's structures are unstable.

Making sure your roof is in good working order is the best way to protect your home and its occupants. You can trust Golden Tree Roofing for roof installation, roof repair, and complete roof replacement, and our new roof foam coating.

If you have a roofing issue, we can help.

How much does roof repair cost in Annandale, VA?

You can't avoid roof repair when it's necessary. You're less certain of how much you'll have to pay for the job.

A roof repair costs an Annandale, VA homeowner between $942 and $1,097, with a $200 minimum and $1,500 maximum cost per job.

Several factors affect the final cost, including the size of the area that needs repairing, the type of material used (tarpaper is more expensive than tiles, for example), the pitch of the roof, how easily the roof can be accessed, and how many stories the house has.

How often to replace roof in Annandale, VA?

Based on the type of roof, the product used, and the weather/geography, a roof's lifespan will differ greatly. A common asphalt roof on a residential building will last around 15 years; however, a metal roof should last around 15-40 years on average.

The following are some details on the lifespans of some types of roofs in Annandale, Virginia: asphalt roofing (for roofs with a lifespan of 12-20 years), wood roofing (30-40 years), clay and concrete roofing (for roofs with a lifespan of 20-40 years), metal roofing (15-40 years), and slate roofing (for roofs with a lifespan of 25-100 years).

Do i need a permit for a new roof in Annandale, VA?

Permits are required in Annandale, as they are in every other city in Virginia. Getting the necessary documentation is something that a good contractor can help you with. You can even include a professional contractor on your permit application to make the process easier.



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