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Silicone Roof Coating

Silicone roof coatings are a popular choice for protecting and extending the life of commercial and industrial roofs. They are made from a silicone polymer that provides superior resistance to weathering and UV rays, as well as excellent flexibility and elongation properties. Our company provides top-of-the-line silicone roof coating services to ensure the longevity and integrity of your building's roofing system.


Roof Protection for Years

When it comes to commercial and industrial roofing, durability and longevity are key. Our silicone roof coating service offers both. Unlike acrylic coatings, silicone can withstand extreme temperatures and remain flexible, which makes it less likely to crack or peel. This means that a silicone roof coating can provide long-term protection for a roof, potentially extending its life by several years.

Energy efficiency is also a major benefit of silicone roof coatings. The reflective properties of the silicone polymer helps to lower a building's energy costs by reflecting the sun's rays and reducing the amount of heat absorbed by the roof. This can lead to a reduction in the amount of energy needed to cool the building, resulting in lower utility bills.

In addition to its durability and energy efficiency benefits, silicone roof coatings are highly resistant to weathering and UV rays, which means they can maintain their appearance and performance for years. This makes them an ideal choice for roofs that are exposed to the elements on a regular basis.

Our Company

Best Results

At our company, we use only the highest quality silicone polymer to ensure the best results for our customers. Our experienced technicians will carefully apply the coating to your roof, ensuring a smooth and even finish. We take great pride in our work and stand behind the quality of our services.

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