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Golden Tree Roofing Company is a local professional and reliable roofing contractor in Manassas, Virginia. With years and years of experience, we have seen it all when it comes to roof repair, replacement, installation, and maintenance. Coupled with quality workmanship and product warranty, we are committed to providing our customers a seamless roofing experience.

We are an industry leader with a highly trained, experienced, and dedicated team of detailers that deliver quality craftsmanship. They are also fully equipped and keep up to date with the latest techniques in the roofing industry. Our technicians and customer service will promptly respond to all your questions and guide you through the roofing process from start to finish anywhere in Lorton Va and Culpepr Va.

We are equipped to handle a wide variety of roofing issues and have a great reputation for high-quality services. All our work is guaranteed, and we are fully licensed and get the job done right while adhering to the Virginia building codes. We are also insured, and this covers both you and your property in the rare event something goes wrong.

Roofing can get quite expensive, and you want to hire an affordable roofing contractor. We are here for you, offering affordable roofing and working within your budget. To ensure you get the roof you want, our company offers roof financing of up to $250,000. We also help you with filing an insurance claim for your home and make the paperwork simple for you. We always put our customers first; when you call us, you can expect nothing short of the best. Call our Manassas Roofing experts today for a free estimate and consultation with our experts.



While Golden Tree Roofing Company is based in Alexandria, Virginia, we do cater to the greater part of Northern Virginia including Arlington, Fairfax, Annandale, Falls Church, Springfield as well as Washington, DC.

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Roof Repair Manassas Va

Golden Tree Roofing is your trusted company for emergency storm repair or regular roof inspection. A roof is prone to strong UV light radiations during scorching summer in Manassas. A mixed climate is experienced in Manasaas, with rain and sunlight taking terms randomly. Unexpected rain and windstorms can take a toll on your roof, affecting its structural integrity. Poor flashing and ventilation of chimneys and roofs can cause excessive leakage instantaneously. The growth of mold and algae can be highly damaging to your roof, making it vulnerable to leaks.

We use the latest technologies, like drone cameras and infrared imaging, to assess the roof's condition. We highlight the faulty areas, discuss the best roofing solutions with you, and implement them with exceptional commitment by giving full attention to every minute detail. Our roof repair Manassas Va not only protect you from any damage but also restore the pristine condition of your roof. We have emerged as a one-in-all all roofing solution to roofing issues and needs of residents in Manassas, VA, with the aim of gaining your trust at any cost.

Roof Replacement Manassas Va

Have you started counting the days when your roof will end its warranty period? Have you noticed some signs of wear and tear on your roof that are becoming irreparable? If yes, then it's time to replace your roof. Asphalt and wood shingle roofing are most commonly preferred in Manassas, VA. Golden Tree Roofing excels in providing many choices in shingle roofing that suit your personal needs and preferences. We have great expertise in providing all types of roofing, so that you can trust us for any roofing project.

Roof replacement Manassas Va is not a task that you think about every day. Nobody thinks of replacing a roof unless it becomes highly necessary. If you are thinking of roof replacement, we have a great understanding of roofing regulations in this area. We understand what type of roofing and which color and design will combine to ensure a durable roof with aesthetic appeal for you. We do not replace a roof only; we remodel your house by working according to the overall appearance of your home. We specialize in roof installation as well.

What are the signs of a failing roof in Manassas, VA?

Your roof is the first line of defense and protects your home from elements such as rain, wind, and so much more. While a roof is meant to last many years, it starts to develop wear and tear over time. Some of the signs you can look out for to know your roof is failing include loose, cracked, or missing shingles, a sagging roof, water leaks, stains in the ceiling, mold on exterior walls, visible light in the attic, and high energy bills. If you also have a roof that has outlived its lifespan, it might be time to replace it.

What new roofing options do I have in Manassas, VA?

There are a variety of new roofs to choose from for any style of home. Before selecting a roofing material, it’s important to understand how well the roofing material is suitable for the Virginia climate. No material is perfect and each has its pros and cons. Asphalt shingle roofs are popular in Manassas because of their many colors and textures; they are lightweight, affordable, durable, and easier to install and maintain. On the other hand, TPO is a popular choice for commercial and industrial buildings. Its advantages include durability, UV resistance, cost-effectiveness, flexibility, and ease of installation.

Does my homeowner’s insurance cover a new roof in Manassas, VA?

In most cases, your homeowner's insurance will cover a new roof and the cost of replacing it if it gets damaged. However, most insurance companies will only cover your roof if it's damaged due to an accident or weather event. It does not cover a neglected roof or one that has undergone gradual wear and tear.



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